Suzanne Paulson

Suzanne Paulson

Our research addresses topics related to chemistry in cloud water and in lung fluid, and the causes of and mitigations for urban pollution hotspots. We use a variety of tools matched to the problem, including field campaigns, laboratory work, and chemical kinetics and micrometeorology modeling. You can read more about our work on the Research page, and find individual researchers via the Group Members page. We also maintain a list of our group’s scientific Publications .

Prospective students and postdocs interested in joining the group are encouraged to Contact us directly.

Area of Expertise: Atmospheric Chemistry

Recent Publications

Ghio, A., D. Gonzalez, S.E. Paulson, J.M. Soukup, L. Dailey, M.C. Madden, B. Mahler, S. Elmore, M. Schwadweiler, U. Kodavanti (2020) Ozone reacts with carbon black to produce a fulvic acid-like substance impacting both cell iron homeostasis and biologic effect. Toxicologic Pathology. In Press.

Gonzalez, D. H., J.M. Soukup, M.C. Madden, M.D. Hays, J. Bernsten, S.E. Paulson and A.J. Ghio (2020) A fulvic acid-like substance participates in the pro-inflammatory effects of cigarette smoke and wood smoke particles. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 10.1021/acs.chemrestox.0c00036.

Kuang, X.M., D.H. Gonzalez, J.A. Scott, K. Vu, A. Hasson, T. Charbouillot, L. Hawkins and S.E. Paulson(2019) Cloud Water Chemistry associated with Urban Aerosols: Hydroxyl Radical Formation, Soluble Metals, Fe(II), Fe(III) and Quinones. Earth & Space Chem.

Garcia-Gonzales, D.A., O. Popoola, V. Bright, S.E. Paulson, R. Jones, M. Jerrett(2019) Associations among Particulate Matter, Hazardous Air Pollutants and Methane Emissions from the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility During the 2015 Natural Gas Blowout. Environ. Int’l.

Paulson, S.E., P.J. Gallimore, X.M. Kuang, J.R. Chen, M. Kalberer and D.H. Gonzalez (2019) A Light-Driven Burst of Hydroxyl Radicals Dominates Oxidation Chemistry in Newly-Activated Cloud Droplets. Science Adv. 5 (5) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aav7689.

Covered as a Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Chemistry May 29, 2019;

Ranasinghe, D., E.S. Lee, Y. Zhu, I. Frausto-Vicencio, W. Choi, W. Sun, S. Mara,U. Seibt and S.E. Paulson(2019) Effectiveness of Vegetation and Sound Wall-Vegetation Combination Barriers on Pollution Dispersion from Freeways Under Early Morning Conditions. Sci. Total Environ.