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Statement on George Floyd

The death of George Perry Floyd Jr. on May 25, 2020 by police force was a painful reminder that racism


Join us in Congratulating AOS Graduate students Sarah Worden, Laura Thapa, Ken Zhao, and Zoe Pierrat in being awarded the Future Investigators

AOS 2: Air Pollution

Please see the flyer below for information on AOS 2. This course will be offered during Summer Session A.  

AOS 1: Climate Change

Please see the flyers below for information on the AOS 1 course and the course Instructors. This course will be

AOS Summer Courses

AOS will be offering various courses this Summer, these include AOS 1 (session A&C), AOS 2 (session A), and AOS

Dust in Earth’s atmosphere

The UCLA Newsrom recently posted a story about a paper published by our very own Jasper Kok, Associate Professor and

California Climate Expedition

UCLA Magazine recently reported on the California Climate Expedition, a 550 mile bicycle journey accross California. The ride was led

Society of Women Geoscientists

A new organization this year is the Society of Women Geoscientists. With funding from the AOS Department, they are excited

Professor Emeritus Richard Thorne

Professor Emeritus Richard Thorne passed away on July 12th at his home in Boise, Idaho from complications of lymphoma.  He

FIREX-AQ Project

Graduate students Katie Tuite and Nathaniel Brockway installing the UCLA mini-DOAS telescope on NASA’s DC8 research aircraft in preparation for