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Victor Pinto Wins AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award

AOS Graduate Student Victor Pinto was for presenting his paper “Spatial characterization of relativistic electron enhancements in the Earth’s outer

What to Know and Do About Freeway Pollution

AOS Professor Suzanne Paulson was featured in the LA Times’ extensive coverage of air quality in the greater Los Angeles

How cities can fight air pollution

AOS professor Suzanne Paulson was a featured expert on a Huffington Post news article highlighting how air pollution kills millions

Relocating bus stops would cut riders’ pollution exposure, AOS study finds

AOS Professor Suzanne Paulson’s research group was featured on UCLA Newsroom focusing on the group’s study on how to lower

New Graduate Admissions Date for Fall 2018

The graduate addmissions deadline for the Fall 2018 quarter applications has been moved to Janurary 3, 2018.

Climate Crusader: Alex Hall

AOS Professor Alex Hall was featured in UCLA’s 2016-2017 Year in Review in an article titled: “CLIMATE CRUSADER: Alex Hall’s

Professor Kuo-Nan Liou Awarded with the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal

The Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences would like to congratulate professor Kuo-Nan Liou for receiving the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal, the highest

New center at UCLA raises everyone’s voices for environmental science

The Center for Diverse Leadership in Science, directed by climate researcher Aradhna Tripati, is the first university-based center dedicated to

David Neelin Awarded with the Bert Bolin Global Environmental Change Award

AOS Professor David Neelin was awarded the Bert Bolin Global Environmental Change Award from the American Geophyiscal Union. Congratulations on the

Professor Alex Hall featured on the New York Times

AOS Professor Alex Hall was recently featured on the New York Times article, “California Today: The Extreme Heat to Come”.