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UCLA oceanographers embark on voyage to study Gulf of Mexico currents

A team of UCLA oceanographers towed a small boat to Louisiana to study water currents in the Gulf of Mexico

AOS Graduate Student David Gonzalez Reaches UCLA Grand Slam Finals

Congratulations to AOS grad student David Gonzalez for reaching the finals of the 2017 UCLA Grad Slam, which is a

The Problem with Dust

AOS assistant professor Jasper Kok was featured on the UCLA College of Physical Sciences website for Research Highlights. The feature

Welcome to Pablo Saide

AOS would like to welcome Pablo Saide to our department. A message from AOS department chair, Jochen Stutz, welcoming our

Welcome Adjunct Professor Hui Su

AOS welcomes Adjunct Professor Hui Su to our department. Hui Su’s research focuses on the use of climate model simulations

AOS Research shows how warming trends affect the Sierra Nevada

Excerpts: The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which provides 60 percent of the state’s water via a vast network of dams and

Cenlin He Recongized by American Geophysical Union with Outstanding Student Paper Award

AOS Graduate Student and PhD candidate, Cenlin He, was recognized by the American Geophysical Union with an Outstanding Student Paper

Professor Paulson Featured on

AOS Professor Suzanne Paulson was featured on discussing how to measure street-level air quality in Los Angeles and methods

UCLA, NASA JPL use new instrument to shed light on plant fluorescence

Ulli Seibt, Katja Grossmann and Jochen Stutz of the AOS department were featured today on the Daily Bruin for their

Congratulations to Yukitoshi Nishimura for winning the AGU Macelwane Medal

AOS Assistant Researcher Yukitoshi Nishimura receieved the American Geophysical Union James B. Macelwane Medal on July 21, 2016. The medal is