Category: Yanai Lectures

7th Michio Yanai Distinguished Lecture

Two Environmental Success Stories and Why They Give Us Hope for the Planet Susan Solomon  Lee and Geraldine Martin Professor

6th Annual Michio Yanai Distinguished Lecture

From there to here: A brief history of projecting climate and environmental change  Inez Y. Fung  Professor of Atmospheric Science,

5th Annual Michio Yanai Distinguished Lecture

The Real Debate of Climate Science: Does the Ocean Matter for Climate?  Amy Clement  Professor, University of Miami Rosenstiel School

4th Annual Distinguished Lecture

El Niño Comes of Age  John Michael Wallace  Professor  University of Washington  Thursday, May 4, 20175:00 p.m. reception | 6:00

3rd Annual Distinguished Lecture

Fingerprinting the Climate System  Benjamin David Santer  climate researcher. Ph.D.  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  Lecture: May 5 2016 6pm Reception: May

2nd Annual Distinguished Lecture 

exploring global warming with climate models  Syukuro Manabe  senior meteorologist. Ph.D.  Princeton University  Lecture: May 7 2015 6pm Reception: May 7

1st annual distinguished lecture

road maps for transitioning all 50 US states to wind, water, and solar power  Mark Z. Jacobson  professor of civil