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Analysis of Particulate Carbon Export in the Global Ocean, using in situ: Observations and Machine Learning

The ocean’s biological pump drives a flux of carbon from the ocean’s surface to the interior, mostly in the form

Climate change and the High Latitude Northern Forests

The high-latitude northern forests are warming at a rate more than triple that of the globe. These changes are reworking

Mechanisms for the Interannual Variability and Recent Trends of Atmospheric Rivers

Atmospheric rivers (ARs), long and narrow filaments of intense moisture transport, are responsible for at least 90% of the poleward

Paleoclimate data assimilation: new views of past climates

Reconstructing past climates is critical for understanding the full range of Earth system responses to external forcing. The two tools

Is human control of natural radiation environment near Earth possible?

Abstract: The discovery of the Earth’s radiation belts in 1958 was the first major finding of the Space Age. The doughnut-shaped

Tower-based remote sensing for understanding boreal forest carbon dynamics

The largest source of uncertainty in future climate projections is the terrestrial carbon cycle. Within the terrestrial carbon cycle, one

The physics behind precipitation onset bias in CMIP6 models: the pseudo-entrainment diagnostic and trade-offs between lapse rates and humidity

Conditional instability and the buoyancy of plumes drives moist convection but have a variety of representations in model convective schemes.

The Greenhouse Effect, and the Advantages of Thinking Colorfully

Much of our understanding of the greenhouse effect, including its sensitivity to temperature and level of forcing, can be quantified

Munk Seminar: Kinetic energy transfers between mesoscale and submesoscale motions

 Mesoscale eddies contain the bulk of the ocean’s kinetic energy (KE), but fundamental questions remain on the cross-scale KE transfers