Event Type: Seminar

What Controls the Estuarine Exchange Flow of the Salish Sea?

The estuarine exchange flow brings ocean water, and chemical properties such as high Nitrate and low Dissolved Oxygen, into the

Inequality & the Environment: Making the Link to Advance Health Equity

Communities of color in the US live closer to environmental hazards such as industrial sources of air and water pollution

Antarctic Sea Ice Variability, Change and Linkages with the Atmospheric Circulation

Antarctic Sea ice is a critically important component of our Climate system. It is at once habitat for penguins, a

Mangroves: Traveling through time 100,000 years to achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals

Mangrove ecosystems are critical hubs of biodiversity, protectors of our coastlines from damaging effects of storms and erosion, and play

Monsoon depressions: Mechanisms & trends of high-impact storms at the edge of the tropics

Much of the rain that falls in monsoon regions is delivered by transient, propagating vortices that are neither typhoons nor

Analysis of Particulate Carbon Export in the Global Ocean, using in situ: Observations and Machine Learning

The ocean’s biological pump drives a flux of carbon from the ocean’s surface to the interior, mostly in the form

Climate change and the High Latitude Northern Forests

The high-latitude northern forests are warming at a rate more than triple that of the globe. These changes are reworking

Mechanisms for the Interannual Variability and Recent Trends of Atmospheric Rivers

Atmospheric rivers (ARs), long and narrow filaments of intense moisture transport, are responsible for at least 90% of the poleward

Paleoclimate data assimilation: new views of past climates

Reconstructing past climates is critical for understanding the full range of Earth system responses to external forcing. The two tools

Is human control of natural radiation environment near Earth possible?

Abstract: The discovery of the Earth’s radiation belts in 1958 was the first major finding of the Space Age. The doughnut-shaped