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Alex Hall appointed interim director of UCLA’s Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

We are excited to share the news of Alex Hall’s appointment as the interim director of UCLA Sustainable LA Grand

Congratulate to Alex Chang on Winning the 2022 AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award!

We are thrilled to congratulate Alex Chang, a talented graduate student from AOS, on winning the 2022 AGU Outstanding Student

Fact Checks: AOS Contributing to Debunking Misinformation

Two fact-checking articles were published to dispel misinformation. The first, by USA Today, focuses on the relationship between CO2 levels and

Emeritus Professor Richard Turco wins the Future of Life Award

Emeritus Professor Richard Turco has been awarded the Future of Life Award for his groundbreaking work on Nuclear Winter. Nuclear Winter

AOS-led study reveals increased atmospheric dust is masking greenhouse gases’ warming effect

A new study shows that global atmospheric dust — microscopic airborne particles from desert dust storms — has a slight overall cooling

AOS-led study reveals more accurate modeling for predicting wildfire smoke injection

A new article by AOS PhD Candidate, Laura Thapa, reveals the need for models with accurate heat flux and boundary

2022 AOS Undergraduate Student Orientation

The AOS Undergraduate Orientation will take place on Wednesday, September 21 from 4:30-6:00 pm via Zoom. Both incoming and current

Symposium In Honor of Professor Akio Arakawa

This two-day symposium will foster scientific exchange in the fields of convection and clouds and climate modelling, to honour the

Roger Wakimoto elected as an AMS Honorary Member

AOS Professor and Vice Chancellor for Research Roger Wakimoto has recently been elected as an Honorary Member of the American

Yu Gu selected as AMS Fellow

AOS Adjunct Professor and Associate Director of Operations for Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering (JIFRESSE), Yu Gu,